Friday, 10 August 2012

We’ve lost the new coffee table

Well it had to happen one day and that day arrived.  Nick did the plumbing whilst I did the wiring.

Leesan Headmaster Toilet - Notice the coffee stains have gone! Winking smile

The control panel has been temporarily taped to the wall.  Eventually the joiners will fit the room with oak trim which will include the surround for the panel. My wiring went rather well but Nick had a problem with the operation of the toilet.  It wouldn’t stop filling with water!  The problem was tracked down to the relay on the water valve.  I thought it might have been a “show stopper” but Nick stripped down the relay and valve.  After reassembling it the problem disappeared.  He believes it was a problem with a ‘dry’ (stuck) new valve.  The toilet hasn’t been fixed to the floor as we want to give room for the joiners to ‘box’ behind it and the vinyl layer will also probably want to lift it when laying the flooring.

Whilst Nick was fixing the toilet I went to the back cabin and completed the wiring for the tank monitor gauge.  It will eventually fit on the instrument board.

I’ve joined all the wires with ‘bullet connectors’ which will hopefully make any future maintenance much easier.  As you can see the tank is empty.  We will now monitor it to get an idea of capacity in days.

The porta-pottie is currently undergoing “deep cleansing” (by Jan… I just do the emptying) in preparation for storage. 

I also managed to fit the rubber seal around the water tank lid.  That’s now two of the tanks completed.  Just diesel left!

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