Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Waiouru has disappeared

Jan returned from food shopping to discover Waiouru had disappeared.

The new paint tent arrived whilst she was away and now Waiouru is under cover.

Preparation for painting should commence on Thursday.

I’d spent the early part of the morning checking the bow bilge pump was correctly configured and working.  Yes…..The automatic float switch works and so does the manual over-ride switch.  Until today we have been very conscious of the possibility Waiouru may flood if the bilge was to overflow.  It’s a relief to have a working bilge pump; although now Waiouru is in a tent it’s most unlikely the cratch will fill with water!

The new toilet decided to visit today.  It waltzed right past its cubicle making itself at home in the saloon.

One of my concerns was the length of the sanitation hose between the toilet and the tank.  It has a capacity of about 20 litres.  I didn’t want to have a fault with the toilet which required me to disconnect the sanitation hose.  What would I do with the 20 litres running back out of the hose?  I know…. give the repair job to Jan!   My idea was to fit a swan’s neck into the hose immediately prior the toilet.  However after examining the toilet I can see there is a swan’s neck built into it.  Hopefully the toilet will be fitted tomorrow as I’m getting tired of practicing bladder control.  In the meantime it’s being used as a coffee table!  I must remember to tell visitors the brown stains on the lid are coffee!

We now have a TV in the bedroom.  The wiring is only temporary whilst waiting for the trim to be fitted.

I’m rather pleased the aerial cable for the terrestrial antenna is providing a signal.  It runs from the antenna on the roof to a socket on the cratch bulkhead.  From there it goes to the 12v amplifier in the bedroom wardrobe and on to the entertainment cabinet in the saloon. There it enters a three way splitter.  One feed goes back to the bedroom TV; the other to the main TV; and the third to the recorder.  Nice to see the idea actually worked.

It’s becoming quite apparent I’m going to need to develop a split personality.  Both the joiner and painter will require demand my labouring services.  The painter has already been informed not to let me anywhere near a paintbrush.  Instead; give me the sander to tame!


Anonymous said...

you have only hidden her so immigration cannot find Jan.

Tom and Jan said...

Yes.... And it's proving successful!