Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Sand in the paint

Waiouru’s roof is now 90% painted.  Darren started the day by carefully masking up two long rectangular panels down either side of roof.

The panels were then sanded with a very fine paper.  He then went on to sand the side panels

Whilst Darren mixed paint we swept down the roof and sides before assisting Darren to remove the last of the dust by wiping down the entire cabin with tac cloths.

Darren had mixed a very fine sand into the paint which he then applied to the masked panel areas on the roof.  After painting the roof he went on to apply a second (and final) topcoat of gloss paint to the coachlines on the side panels.  Towards the end of the day he returned and applied a second coat of the sand and paint solution to the non slip panels.  Apparently this is best done whist the first coat is “green” (ie, not hardened).  Darren then removed the masking tape from around the panels.

We now have two long non slip panels on the roof.

It was a long day for Darren and he is shortly taking a well earned week off work!

Meanwhile Richard and James have been working away on the ceiling trim.  All the starboard side is complete and they are over half way through the port side.

The next step will be to make and fit the ceiling crossover trim.

We had visitors in the afternoon.  David and Lynne Edwards from Sydney.  David is a former colleague and very well known internationally for his expertise in rail safety and risk management.

Lynne & David Edwards beside Waiouru

They are keen cruise ship travellers and have toured extensively.  This year they are cruising through the Channel Islands and the Mediterranean.  It was very nice of them to take the time out of their holiday schedule to visit us at Aldermaston Wharf.  Happy cruising Lynne & David!

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