Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Masking up!

In the past few weeks our blog has been receiving a trickle of anonymous comments which are rather vague in their content and which have a link to “their” blog/website.  Usually with words similar to “see my blog” or “click here”.  Because the comments don’t particularly relate to our blog post we usually delete them.  The number hasn’t reached the point where we are prepared to take some more restrictive measure but I do wonder if other bloggers are receiving similar “comments”.

Today Andy completed the work on the installation of the bow thruster by completing the control wiring at the bow and making a protective shell for the batteries using Hexi-panel.

Once he has confirmed the installation is compete we will fit the front panel and start using it for storage.

Meanwhile Darren appeared with a large roll of brown paper and a dozen rolls of masking tape.  We then proceeded to mask all the porthole and houdini openings.

He has used opaque plastic to mask the two rear houdini openings and the portholes in the galley.  Hopefully this will give Jan some light.  I then asked him what the next step in the painting process would be and was informed all the mastic needed to be removed from around the mild steel plate that had been glued into the recessed panels on either side of the back cabin.

At the start of the job the panels look like this….

Using a razor knife, my Leatherman and a small flat tipped screwdriver I managed to remove the majority of the mastic.  After a couple of hours (and a considerable amount of perspiration) the panels looked like this….

It was possible to see (and remove) the original red paint that had been applied by Ben Harp.  The undercoat couldn’t be removed…..because he doesn’t appear to have used any!  I suppose we would have needed to repaint Waiouru after a year if he had continued with the build!  The next step in the process is to use a wire brush to clean out the last of the mastic and then get on with the sanding.  It’s a jobs I’m not looking forward to!

Darren has a day off tomorrow but Nick is back.  Hopefully there will be some more work done on the engine bay wiring.


Derek and Dot said...

Hi Tom
Yes we have received the same anonymous comments and they get the same treatment as you have done. Fingers crossed they seem to have stopped recently.
Hope you get cruising before winter kicks in. :-)

B0atg1rl said...

Hi Tom,

I've had a lot of anonymous or spurious comments recently too, mostly targeted at one particular blog post. I've been sending them to spam in the hope of educating my spam filter. They seem to have slowed down in the last couple of weeks though so hopefully we're going to get a break for a bit,

Good to see Waiouru looking better. Just realised how close you are to our old boat so might pop in with cake when we pass one day :)

Tom and Jan said...

We're always happy to meet a blog reader!