Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Let there be light!

Today we connected the Empirbus system to the domestic battery bank……
And there was light. 
And the light was good. 
And the owners of Waiouru were happy!
But it wasn’t quite that easy.  This bunny had wired the data and power wires to the GSM node in reverse.  Nothing was working until Andy realised my simple, but silly error.  Once the four wires were reversed the system powered into life.
By plugging my laptop into the system I am able to watch what is happening in real time.  In the screen dump below the bottom arrow is pointing at the window where all the events are being recorded.  I’ve been reconfiguring the toilet light.
After the wiring had been installed Jan and I decided that we didn’t want the toilet light on it’s own light switch.  The door might get closed with the light left on and we wouldn’t realise we were consuming battery power.  It was a two minute job to reconfigure the system so the toilet light will now activate with the other bathroom lights.  We’ve also modified the electrical isolation setup to the fridge and oven.  I then changed the switch connection for the TV aerial amplifier.  All of this without leaving my chair!
All the switches are able to have name labels inserted behind their faceplates.  However I’m not going to do that until we get to our final configuration file.  In the meantime I’ve taped a temporary label by the multi-switch plates.
We have gone from living like moles to being bright
Now that Waiouru has a 12v distribution system I’ll be able to install the Leesan Headmaster toilet.  It’s a priority!
I can’t finish this post without mentioning Richard made the final rear cabin step today.  It’s removable and probably just the right size for a small toolbox.  Meanwhile, Nick fitted the hospital silencer in the engine bay.  We heard the new paint tent is arriving tomorrow so things appear to be on the move!
Finally, whilst working in the workshop this morning I notice a narrowboat cruise past with a Maori name.  Tane Mahuta.  It’s the name of a giant Kauri tree in Northland, NZ and reputed to be between 1250-2500 years old.  Tane Mahuta means “Lord of the Forest”


Ian said...

Hi Tom & Jan,

Good to see so much progress being made! What's your estimated completion date now?



Tom and Jan said...

Hi Ian,
That's a question of the allocation of human resources. Theoretically towards the end of the month but somehow I suspect not!