Thursday, 2 August 2012

Is Jan British?

She was born in Bournemouth, has a UK birth certificate and a British passport.  However the minor bureaucrat she spoke to today informed her she may not be eligible to remain in the UK <what?>.  It was suggested she attend an interview in Oxford and bring evidence of proof of identify.  Large canal network…. you find her!

Well there are now only three remaining cupboard doors to be made and fitted in the back cabin.  Today we finished the trim on four other doors before hanging them.  The one for the electrical cabinet was then removed as it will eventually need holes cut in it for all the instruments and gauges.

The lower portion now has two shelves

Plenty of room for boat maintenance bits ‘n’ pieces

Both cupboards under the spare bed also have doors

Richard and I have scribed and cut the panel for the freezer drawer and the storage locker above it.  I’ve decided this locker should have twin doors swinging horizontally.  Initially I considered a lifting door but changed my mind.  Jan made the comment “All the space in the back cabin is disappearing!”  Actually, she is right.  But we are certainly gaining a significant amount of storage capacity.

During the day I looked at the planned setup for the black water tank gauge.  It will require a 104mm diameter hole to be cut in the top of the tank.  The mounting bracket will be bolted over the hole and the actual sender unit is threaded into the bracket.  There are three float probes in the sender (empty, half-full & full).  I’m advised the probes are likely to eventually “clog up” from the content of the tank (wonder what that is?).  However the sender can be unscrewed from the mounting and flushed clean.  I guess it won’t be too onerous a task (for Jan) to clean the sender probes on an annual basis.  The display gauge will be digital (LED’s) and mounted with all the other gauges.  Waiouru’s holding tank is only 12” high and goes across the entire rear cabin floor.  It appears the best position for the gauge sender unit in on the centre line.  The plan is to install it under the base of the rear steps.

James has finished the shelving in the port bedroom wardrobe.  There are two shelves in the top of the wardrobe.  The lower one is adjustable.  A clothes rail will be fitted below the send shelf.  At the bottom of the wardrobe there is a third shelf.  The gap between the clothes rail and the 3rd shelf is approximately the height of a jacket.  I was too busy varnish to take a photo of the final product.  Maybe tomorrow!


Northern Pride said...

Oh-oh! British beauracracy! We're just waiting for Barry's new passport to arrive then will book our tickets and apply for his visa with a data - hopefully all will go through smoothly!
Good luck with the hassles - looking forward to meeting you both next year :-)
Sandra & Barry

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Sandra,
I suspect the problem is the system is structured around non british people requiring a National Insurance Number. Jan being born british should already have one. It's just too difficult for them to find it.
Best of luck with Barry's visa application. We'll see you out on the cut in 2013.
Tom & Jan