Friday, 24 August 2012

Another Arrival

A courier called in this morning with another part for Waiouru
Axiom propeller
Andy mentioned (more than once) today about the delivery of our £800 propeller!!!  However he obviously likes them as he recently fitted one to his father’s dutch barge.  We specified the Axiom whilst back in Australia and did it purely because it was a “new” design and was receiving some good reviews.  I guess time will tell whether it was the right choice!
Nick has been busy in the cockpit.  The Beta Marine deluxe engine panel has been fitted into exterior of the rear bulkhead.
My original choice for the location for the panel was inside the boat on the instrument cabinet.  However there isn’t sufficient room for it there and Andy suggested having it on the exterior of the bulkhead would enable the steerer to monitor the gauges and lights.  Nick also fitted the LED cockpit light.  This was specified by us so the semi-trad area can be illuminated when returning to the boat at night.  The only remaining holes to be cut in the cockpit area are the four switches (horn, headlamp, navigation lights & cockpit light) and the socket for the camera monitor cabling.
Whilst he was doing this Darren applied the first gloss topcoat to the roof.
The entire roof will be in one colour (grey) apart from the boatman’s beam and handrails which will be in red.  After he had done the roof Darren applied a second off-white undercoat to the side panel coachline area.  Just before the end of the day he managed to paint the recessed panels with a coat of primer.  The latter was needed because I’d been very “vigorous” in my sanding attempting to remove all the blemishes in the steel!
Jan and I spent the early morning sweeping down Waiouru before tacking off (cleaning the dust with a sticky cloth) the areas to be painted during the day.  In the afternoon I helped Richard make the bathroom doors.  They are made from 1” plywood and are heavier than a normal house ‘hollow-core’ internal door.  Note to myself…. Don’t allow fingers to be trapped in the door as it will HURT!  Jan spent the afternoon making delicious plum jam from our hedgerow foraging expedition two days ago.
Tomorrow will see us sanding the roof so the final topcoat can be applied.  The sides also need sanding for the coachlines first topcoat.  We may even get all the internal doors hung!


Catherine said...

Not spraying on the paint? Do they use a roller or brush? That would be a lot of bending over if you are not using a long handled applicator.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Catherine,
All the paint is applied by hand with a brush. It takes Darren about 90 minutes to apply one coat to the roof.