Monday, 20 August 2012

And on the 7th Day

They rested…….  But not us!  Jan got all excited about doing the laundry.  Apparently it’s something to do with the endorphins given off by last weekends walking clothes that have been maturing during the week!  Meanwhile I did a 25km circuit through the countryside to the west of Newbury.

There was a brief moment of indecision before departing Aldermaston.  It was going to be a hot day… shorts or long trousers?  In the end long trousers won the day after considering the strong possibility of striking stinging nettles on some of the less used footpaths.  It proved to be the correct decision!

The lock at Newbury is very picturesque.

Unfortunately there was no spare time to stop at the adjacent pub on my return. And was it ever needed!

Quarter of the way through the circuit and I was under trees when the loud rumbling of a low aircraft overhead shook the air.  Peering up through the canopy I managed to see a four engine WW2 bomber  being escorted by a  single engine aircraft.  No opportunity for a photo but 15 minutes later I could again hear a low aircraft and managed to take the following photo.

Aircraft recognition isn’t my area of expertise.  It looked somewhat like a Harvard but the engine noise was wrong.  Perhaps one of our blog readers can enlighten us?

One footpath took me alongside a very large (but modern) house almost completely covered in ivy.  Around the back was a Rolls Royce and 8 series BMW.  The long gravel driveway to the house was lined with carefully manicured trees.  I suspect ramblers aren’t that welcome as the cows decided to see me off the property!

Eventually the footpath brought me to the canal at Kintbury. 

The sun and humidity had been dragging the perspiration out of me and it was possible to see white salt lines on my green shirt around the daypack shoulder straps.  The water bladder in the pack held 2 litres and I’d consumed most of it.  Still it was a short walk back to Newbury.  Except the sign on the towpath stated “Newbury 4 hours”.  Bloody Hell…… It was time to get the skates on if I was going to make Aldermaston before dusk!

A third of the way to Newbury I came upon a horse drawn boat and whipped out the camera to take a photo.  Meanwhile the horse decided to stop.  Didn’t she want me to take her photo?

No, she wasn’t camera shy!  Actually she had no modesty what so ever.  She stopped because she had the urge to take a pee!  That was one large puddle I carefully negotiated.

Feeling desiccated and sore I limped into the boatyard to find my girl patiently sitting outside waiting for my return.   All the laundry has been done so we are now ready for another week of work on Waiouru.


Anonymous said...

dear Tom, the four engined bomber was almost certainly an avro lancaster of the battle of britain memorial flight being escorted by a hurricane, i believe the spitfire that also escorts it is grounded at the moment, how is James getting on has he speeded up? hope the project is finished soon. regards Bill

Tom and Jan said...

I can believe the Lancaster bit but the escort appeared to have a very long canopy and a short square front which led me to believe it wasn't a Spitfire or a Hurricane. Hence my query about Harvard?

Tony Q-J said...

I believe some Harvards were fitted with Merlins instead of Alisons, so if it sounded like a Merlin then it might well have been a Harvard. Can't really tell from that photo.


Tom and Jan said...

I've also been told it might be a tandem Hurricane?