Saturday, 18 August 2012

A Meeting

What happened today?  Sitting here at the end of the day one wonders where the time went? 
Well the day started on a flat note when all the air in the shelter over Waiouru decided to go to the bottom.  Fortunately Jan and I were both outside and not trapped in the canvas cocoon.  But then Jan realised her four loaves of bread were inside Waiouru and rising!  Which is more than can be said for the tent!  Eventually electricity was restored to the neighbourhood and the tent re-erected itself without any further excitement.  Jan’s freshly baked sundried tomato and parmesan cheese bread was delicious!
Completing the electrics in the new locker over our bed seemed a good idea; however finding four butt connectors of the right size proved problematic.  Eventually they were found hiding amongst the junk unallocated components in the top of Andy’s toolbox. Darren kindly loaned me his crimping tool which enabled me to connect the light fitting to the cables.
You can see the routered groove in the base of the locker.  We have a small piece of oak plywood that will fit into the groove and conceal the cables.  Actually I’m more concerned about protecting the wires.  The difficult part of the task was cutting the cables the ‘right’ length.  They needed to be sufficiently long enough for me to attach the crimped butt connectors.  Too long would mean the surplus cable would be poking back up into the locker and too short would have make connecting them to the light fitting wires very difficult.
The job was completed without needing to re-cut the cables or get more butt connectors <phew>.  The lights have been aligned so the switches are accessible from the bed and the lamp swivels in the right direction for reading in bed.
The other thing I found out today was I’m apparently deceased!  It was news to me and I actually feel somewhat alive.  However my pension fund had decided I was dead and ceased making the monthly payments.  Well I’m not taking this lying down sleeping! Smile One of my objectives is to ensure I live at least long enough to recoup my contributions.  Oh well; yet another letter to officialdom!  Our recent personal history is quite interesting…….. Jan doesn’t exist and now I’m dead!
The highlight of the day was meeting one of our blog readers.  Snorre is from Norway and a regular reader.  He had been enjoying a two week narrowboat holiday with his wife and friends.  Snorre mentioned he knew we were at Aldermaston Wharf from the blog and had deliberately hired hired a boat with his wife and friends from here.  It was really nice of him to introduce himself and we took the opportunity to show all of them around Waiouru.
(L-R) Trine, Snorre, Viggo & Isabel in front of Waiouru
I’m always surprised when someone introduces themself and mentions they read the blog ramblings.  Actually, sometimes I scratch my head at the end of the day and think I’m just a boring old coot who should go and do something worthwhile before I die…….  Oops… I’m already dead!


Ian said...

Dearest Tom, may you RIP.

Can I have your boat? :-)
(as Jan no longer exists, it seems a shame to let it go to waste!)

Tom and Jan said...

Dear Ian,
Still hanging on by my fingertips! However if you care to come and do the sanding & painting I'll consider leaving you a share of the boat when I depart in 2060