Friday, 6 July 2012

Workstation Completed

Richard finished the workstation today and it looks very good.

Everything is compactly stored away

The lower compartment folds down to a small desk with the two horizontal tower bolts securing it in both the vertical and horizontal position.  The upper cabinet contains the printer.  It consists of two doors which open down and up.

Laptop desk and printer cabinet open

I still need to install the 240v & 12v power outlets, along with the data socket.  These can’t be done until the freezer and washing machine compartments are finished.  This is likely to occur next week when the second delivery of timber arrives.

The 1” BSP to ¾” hose fitting for the blackwater tank arrived from Aquafax which enabled me to fit the rinse hose from the roof fitting to the tank.  I’ve secured it to the pumpout hose with cable ties.

Aquafax also delivered the Shoreline 12v refrigerator.  Richard converted the fridge door from right to left swing and then we fitted it into the compartment.  It’s a snug fit.  Hopefully the ventilation holes I’ve drilled through the floor into the bilge will assist its efficiency.

Jan has been getting rather desperate for a fridge as the dairy products she had purchased earlier in the week were starting to melt “wilt”.  It’s a larder only fridge.  We decided against having a fridge with a small freezer compartment as we already have a separate 12v freezer.

I spent much of the day modifying the wiring in the back cabin to accommodate the 12v power to the fridge and gas hob electric ignition.  The power supply is now going to be run via a relay. 

Top arrow points to the relay and the bottom to the 30A fuse holder

This separates them from the Empirbus system; although it will continue to control both the fridge and hob via the relay.  I’ve run a separate set of power cables from the engine compartment to the new relay via a 30amp fuse.  These cables will eventually be connected to the domestic battery bank via the main isolation switch.  However, as the Empirbus system isn’t currently working, I’ve done what Peter suggested in a comment on yesterday’s post, and temporarily connected them to a 12v battery and charger.  The fridge is now working…. Another milestone!


Peter Lee said...

Hi Tom
Things are looking good. However, I'm a bit surprised at the snug fitting for the fridge. How is the ventilation provided for the heat exchanger? You mention holes in the floor - do you have a through route up behind the fridge to allow air to circulate? Shoreline recommend a inch at sides and top as a minimum to allow adequate airflow.
From the instruction book:
• Positioning -
To operate correctly and efficiently, your appliance must have sufficient air ventilation around the rear; sides and top, to ensure the free flow of heat generated from the compressor and condenser during the cooling operation.
...allow at least 25 mm above and to each side and to the rear to provide sufficient air gap between the appliance and the adjacent galley walls...
Important - DO NOT OBSTRUCT the top or rear of the appliance or the condenser heat will not be able to escape and overheating could occur. This will result in
excessive running periods of the compressor and reduce the life of your appliance.
Remember - Better air flow means shorter running periods and lower energy consumption."

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Peter,
There is room either side and 10 x 1½" holes in the floor to the bilge. There is also a large ventilation slot at the back across the top of the cabinet. Airflow show be excellent.