Saturday, 14 July 2012

Waiouru has moved!

The crane arrived and Waiouru has moved………. 30 feet!  Open-mouthed smile

Well the crane was actually booked to lift the other three boats into the cut and whilst it was at the yard Andy made the decision to also move Waiouru.

The other boats have all gone and Waiouru looks rather lonely

Waiouru has more “road miles” than water miles

No….. Darren isn’t lifting her!

She is now located in the portion of the yard where the inflatable paint shed will be erected. Richard is also pleased as it provided and opportunity to re-level her. She had been sinking in the old location!  It’s the first time in many months that the blue tarpaulin has been off the bow and we had forgotten her curves. 

Jan was carrying around a bag of left-over home-made bread and Ollie made his presence known.

He’s got better vision than me because as Jan attempted to walk off he knew she had more bread in the paper bag.


The greedy devil climbed out of the canal and followed her demanding she hand over the remaining bread.  Jan was not intimidated and ordered him back into the cut.  To my surprise he meekly complied! “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!”

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Ian said...

Hi Tom & Jan,

"Waiouru has more “road miles” than water miles"


I think that's the first time I've seen Waiouru's bow head-on... very nice! I think every narrowboat bow show should have 3 rubbing strakes - by law! (although I'd probably be okay with 2)