Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The TV Bracket Arrived

On entering the workshop this morning I found Richard with a small smirk on his face standing beside a cardboard package containing the “missing” TV wall bracket ordered from Amazon more than a week ago.  After two failed attempts by the courier to deliver it to the boatyard Richard changed the delivery address!

The first task was to measure the depth of the bracket as that would dictate whether it could be directly fixed to the wall lining.  It couldn’t!  Richard and James then started manufacturing a very solid mounting column in the TV cabinet.  They were careful to ensure the bracket was mounted at a depth that would leave the TV slightly inside the profile of the cabinet so that the screen would have some protection from people passing.

The rest of the boat will fall apart before this mounting post fails

The actual mounting is considerably thinner than I’d anticipated and it also brings the TV considerably further forward that expected.  This has increased the available storage area behind the TV.

It’s a rather good quality bracket for £29.  Probably worth the wait! Winking smile

You may have noticed in the coaxial splitter box in the above photo.  Connecting all the TV coaxial cables is another task I can complete.

The TV was taken out of storage and mounted onto the bracket to test whether the measurements were correct and it would fit inside the cabinet.

From the smiles on their faces I guess that’s a YES!  You may recall I wrote a post back <here> explaining why the TV was to be positioned in a cabinet at the front of the saloon.

Richard then wanted to check the range of movements he could get from the bracket.

In this position the TV is facing down the length of the saloon and is almost against the gunwale.  The horizontal centreline is at eye height when seated.  I hadn’t anticipated the TV would be able to reach this position.  The advantage of this is it’s now possible to walk around the TV to reach the bathroom.  My original proposal would have required the TV to be moved back into the cabinet anytime access to the bathroom was required.

Back to the workstation tomorrow!

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