Friday, 27 July 2012

Start on the Bed

The frame of the bed in the back cabin is 90% complete.

The initial plan was to create three separate compartments under the bed with dividing walls between.  A change of heart then occurred and we decided to have one large storage compartment with a smaller compartment at the end for the inverter and consumer unit.  The inverter is going to generate heat which must be dissipated otherwise it will start to overheat and become less efficient.  We have therefore constructed quite a large compartment and you will be able to see the ventilation holes in the partition.  I’m going to drill similar sized holes in the floor of the compartment which should allow air from the bilge to rise up and cool the inverter (I hope!).  A ventilation panel will also be installed in the inverter compartment sidewall. 

Tomorrow we need to batten the far side of the bed and then cut and fit the timber panels for the top.  There will be a large removable access panel above the inverter.  We’ve decide on side swinging cupboard drawers under the bed.  They will open towards the galley and are quite large being slightly shorter than the width of the corridor.  I decided against being able to access the storage compartment from the top as we will have two mattress sections stored on top and gaining access to the compartments might prove to be problematic.  The bed can be used as a 2ft single or extended to a 4ft double.  The double compartment underneath will give us room to store any long items such as Jan’s shopping trolley.  We’ve both noticed the area is starting to look less “open”.

Mid afternoon Richard headed off to the dentist for an extraction so I carried on with the bilge pump for the engine compartment.  It’s the same model pump as the cratch.  A Johnson L450 UC – 500 GPH. 

Andy informed me he preferred to use this make/model pump as the motor can be removed and replaced rather than having to replace the entire unit.  It’s mounted on the steel plate I fabricated yesterday and which has now been given two coats of bilge paint.  I’m not able to fit is until the boatyard gets some ¾” braided flexible hose pipe and hose clips.  However I can start installing the wiring between the pump and the stern Empirbus node.

Meanwhile Jan has been given some rhubarb by one of the local ladies.  She hasn’t seen rhubarb this size since we lived in New Zealand 20 years ago.

A decision must now be made.  Does she stew it to go with a pudding or breakfast cereal.  Or does she make a rhubarb and ginger jam?  It doesn’t worry me…….. I’m quite prepared to eat the selected option!


Anonymous said...

Tom- Spooky!
I have just walked in from the garden with a pile of rhubarb sticks.
No brainer for me. A proper stodgy crumble is the daddy!

Kev & Donna

Tom and Jan said...

Hmmm... with ice cream! But then rhubarb jam would last longer!

Ian said...

I've only ever had rhubarb in a crumble, so would probably opt for a jam out of curiosity. And you'll be able to savour the jam again and again while you're out cruising!

Tom and Jan said...

Jan is going shopping and will look for some ginger to go in the rhubarb jam!

Bruce in Sanity said...


Rhubarb crumble for me, every time.

Re putting the inverter under the bed; they have been known, very occasionally, to burst into flames. Had you thought of putting an ionising smoke alarm in there with it?