Sunday, 29 July 2012

Slate and in a jam

The slate surround for the Lockage diesel stove was installed today.  The first task was to confirm it actually fitted.  The templates Richard made were accurate and the slate pieces are exactly the right size.  I then carried them back to the workshop (they are heavy) where the screw holes were drilled and countersunk.  Andy wanted to use stainless steel screws which I readily agreed to as there would be no subsequent rust or tarnished brass. Then I carried them back to Waiouru…… did I mention they are heavy!

All the visible slate surfaces have been polished.  It cost more but gives a nicer finish.  I’ve decided I’m not going to be the person who fits the diesel stove.  However I’ll probably place it on the hearth tomorrow in preparation for it to be secured next week.

After installing the slate I drilled a pilot hole through the shower ceiling for the mushroom vent.  I’m going to install a combination extractor fan and light fitting immediately underneath the vent.  After “stuffing up” the hole through the steel roof for the diesel stove so I’ve decided the mushroom vent hole can be cut by either Andy or Nick!  There are 12v cables in the ceiling and I don’t want the responsibility for shredding them with a hole saw.  I know……… Lack of intestinal fortitude!   I’m going to “wimp out”.  The last job for the day was to get the capping on the plastic box section cable duct under the gunwale in the rear cable.  It was a “real mongrel” of a job.  There were so many cables to squeeze into the duct that I didn’t think I’d manage it.  Well it’s done now and I won’t be the one attempting to install any additional cables.

In the early afternoon Jan and I went for a walk through the adjacent wetlands.  Very quiet and tranquil!

This tree appears to have been smothered by the creeper.  I guess the tree will eventually be strangled and die.

Another larger tree covered in vines.

It wasn’t just an aimless stroll.  We were foraging for potential blackberry sites and then diverted to a nearby canal side location (will remain unidentified for obvious reasons) where we discovered two different types of plum trees.  A return trip on a quiet evening complete with bucket is now in the planning stage! Smile 

Last task for the day was to take delivery of the Tesco order.  He eventually arrived (75 minutes late) and we frantically carried everything to Waiouru whilst the driver watched.  After he had left Jan realised the 2kg of sugar she had ordered was missing. Crying face

I looked on the Tesco website and the link to the form for reporting missing items wasn’t working……. <grrrrr>.  That’s three strikes in one day Mr Tesco!

Try not to end on a negative note…… It’s early evening and Jan looks like she is preparing to cook the rhubarb to make some jam…… woo hoo!  


Adam said...

Aren't diesel stoves recommended to sit in a drip tray?

Bruce in Sanity said...

You can get Ocado where you are, in my experience much better service than Tesco on all counts, and you are supporting the little guy against the multi national…



Tom and Jan said...

Thanks Bruce,
I'll mention Ocado to Jan as a potential alternative!



Tom and Jan said...

I don't know Adam. However I shall ask that question tomorrow!