Sunday, 15 July 2012

Pub Crawl

Jan and I went on a pub crawl today, but a drop never passed our lips.  My young wife now has her seniors concession bus pass and we took the opportunity to catch the Jet Black 1 bus into Reading.  Nearly all the bus stops are at pubs. The Berkshire Arms, Coach & Horses, Rising Sun, Winning Hand, The Lion, etc.You’ve got the idea!  I assume this is from a previous era where the horse drawn coaches stopped at the inn?

It’s a very regular service with a bus every 30 minutes; except Sunday, when there is one each hour.  There is free on board wifi. 

Once in Reading we wandered around the shops with Jan pricing items we will need once Waiouru is in the water.  She purchased two trivets from TK Max.

The round one will go on top of the Lockgate diesel stove whilst the rectangular trivet will fit in the oven if she has something high to bake.

We ended up at Lakeland in “The Oracle” shopping centre where Jan purchased a box of yoghurt sachets and then headed back towards the bus stop.  On the way we passed Reading Minster.  Construction started in 979AD although little of the original building remains.  We we both struck by the pattern of the steeple which is a mixture of stone and flint.  No time to go inside and have a look around… perhaps on the next trip!  Little did we realise the bus passed the minster on the way back to Aldermaston.  In fact there is a bus stop right outside!  It might have saved us an additional 20 minutes walking had we realised. Crying face

Now Jan has a choice between Newbury and Reading!

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