Thursday, 5 July 2012

I installed the toilet

We have now been on Waiouru for three nights.  The bed is a real luxury being 5ft wide.  I lost Jan somewhere during the night!  The memory foam mattress is also very comfortable.  Jan has been practising her solo bed assembly routine, although we’ve found it easier if two of us do it.  The 700x900 shower is very roomy and the water pump provides excellent pressure.  Having hot water on demand also makes a change!
The fridge should arrive tomorrow and I need to start thinking of a way to either get the Empirbus 12v distribution system working or do some temporary wiring to the fridge.  Either way; we need it!
I’ve installed the toilet.  There’s a perennial argument on the merits of pump-out –v- cassette toilets.  We’ve gone with a cassette option for the moment! Smile
The new Leesan Headmaster macerating toilet should be available in 2-3 weeks.
Richard has the computer workstation 95% complete and I’m impressed with the thought that has gone into the design.  No photo of it tonight because it has been disassembled for varnishing.  Meanwhile James has assembled and fitted the glass sliding doors to the display cabinet above the TV.  We hadn’t realised they were going to be lockable.  Even more surprising was the fittings (less glass) were made in Victoria, Australia.  I hadn’t anticipated that!  The glass shelves have yet to be fitted.
Tomorrow should see the workstation completed.  I’d also like to see the washing machine and fridge fitted; with the latter working!
After three days of water usage I lifted the lid on the tank to check how much was left and was pleasantly surprised to find the level had only dropped a couple of inches.  We will continue to use the water until the tank runs dry.  This will give us an indication of water capacity in days.


Peter and Margaret said...

Perhaps another temporary lead acid battery in close proximity to the fridge for the time being, linked to another cheap mains charger. Is there a vehicle scrap yard nearby? To wire it to your other battery would cost a lot in cable, as the need for a thick gauge to supply the fridge's needs, especially on start-up.

Tom and Jan said...

Hello Peter,
That option would certainly work but I;m rather loathed to use "acquire" yet another battery and charger when the complete DC system is wired and the major consumers connected. Connecting the old 12v battery and charger is my preferred option and all it would take is two lugs.