Sunday, 3 June 2012

Warm and Wet

The day started with rain and finished the same way.  However this was no excuse for avoiding the Sunday walk.  The usual practice of using the OS website to find and download a suitable route to the Garmin gps was followed before I donned boots, gaiters, nylon trousers and a lightweight showerproof jacket.  All I wore underneath was a T shirt.  The walk was to the NW and slightly longer than 26km.  The first part was over ground previously covered.

I’ve been attempting to plan walks through woodlands as I’m enjoying the smell of damp and decaying vegetation.  After nearly 20 years of walking tinder dry Australian bushland the UK smells bring back memories of my times in the NZ bush.

Every so often I’d come across a small clearing with a dwelling and narrow vehicle access.  I was rather interested in the curved gable over the window in this house.

There is a massive new extension on the rear of the house which has been cleverly built into the existing structure.  This next house intrigued me with the old section to the right and what looks like a more modern addition to the left.

The original builders made little effort to straighten the timbers and instead filled in between with bricks.

Our youngest son has some artistic ability and is a much better photographer than he thinks.  Whereas I’m a much worse photographer than I think I am.  I took this photo with the gps camera to prove my point. Winking smile

The other noticeable thing on todays walk was the large number of houses flying bunting and the the Union Jack.  All very patriotic! 

There were two hire boats moored on the towpath near Frouds Bridge covered in bunting.  A person was standing on the rear of the first boat drinking two cans of beer in the rain.  Initially I thought it was an old man with a white beard but then I realised it was a young blonde female.  As I reached the first boat another young female burst through the front doors of the second boat with a bottle of wine in one hand and a half filled glass in the other.  In a somewhat inebriated voice she loudly called out “Happy Jubilee!”  Both boats were full of young females well on their way to being a flock of Galahs! <click here if you don’t know what I mean>

My return timing was perfect as I arrived back in time to observe Jan had completed the last of the laundry!

Back to some real work tomorrow!

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Interesting post & great pictures!