Sunday, 3 June 2012

Void Filled and Bunting on Display

Richard and James finished and fitted the galley end panels whilst I was away getting my hair cut.  They mentioned it’s the first time they have used the void in this manner having previously used it to mount a low level 240v power socket.

We like the idea of the low level power socket and there is sufficient room in the port panel to fit one, so I’ll probably do this myself at a later date.  Meantime some of the light switch mounting plates have been fitted (photo below).  The plate to the left is the master panel and has six switches.  We will be able to control almost almost everything on the boat from it.  The right plate has three switches that control the bedroom lights, cratch light and LED lights in the front step.  The plates successfully cover the rough holes I’d previously cut in the partitions.  I know.. I know…! One of the plates is crooked!  I’ll rectify that next week.  Probably when I hang the galley cupboard doors. <no rest for the wicked!>

Black mounting plates

Jan has been photographing the passing boats all flying flags and bunting.  Something special must be happening this weekend? Smile

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