Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Two Difficult Photos

The problem with taking photos of the interior of a narrowboat is…….. well it so narrow!

I wanted to take a couple of photos of the vanity, but getting all the cabinet into the camera viewfinder proved to be quite difficult.  Eventually I worked out a successful strategy.  The shower is opposite the vanity so I walked into it facing the wall.  I spread my legs and bent over pointing the camera back at the vanity between my knees. By turning my head to the left and resting my shoulders against the side of the hull I could just the the framed photo on the camera’s LED screen.  This position utilised the maximum available distance between the camera and the cabinet.

We think Richard and James have designed a very attractive and practical cabinet.  Jan has already decided the three shelves on the left will be used for handtowels and toiletries. All the shelves have oak trim facing with a lip.  The idea is this will prevent the contents flying out onto the floor during my sudden manoeuvres. You may be able to see Richard has fitted oak ply to the base.  He also intends to fit a false back panel to conceal the pipework.  We haven’t yet decided on a single or two doors for the main opening.

The granite people are now scheduled to arrive tomorrow.  Richard has made a template for the bench top so we could see where the hand basin and tower tap will fit.

The bench top area is actually much larger than we had anticipated so that’s a bonus.  Unfortunately towards the end of the day the light was fading fast which meant it didn’t get a coat of varnish after Richard and James had departed.

Richard and James moved across to the shower once they had finished working on the vanity.  The battening has been fitted for the lower shower panel under the gunwale and Richard has cut out the actual panel from ½” plywood ready for the formica to be fitted.  He has also cut out the large piece of formica for the panel above the gunwale.  The will be the most difficult piece of formica to fit.  The formica must be placed in exactly the right position because it will be impossible to adjust it once the contact glue bonds.  And the bonding is instantaneous on contact!

Tomorrow might be an interesting day……….

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