Monday, 18 June 2012

Sunday Walk Around Reading

Today’s walk was an extension of last Sunday’s with me venturing further west along the Thames.  It was very pleasant scenery and I’m looking forward to the day when we will do it on Waiouru.

My route took me into Reading and down to the Thames at Caversham Bridge where I turned and headed west along the towpath.  After a few miles I turned SW eventually arriving behind the Sainsburys supermarket at Calcot.  From there the route headed back to the canal and along the towpath to Aldermaston Wharf.  From now on I’ve decided to only show the new ground covered on the walk.  It’s the purple line in the following screen dump.  About 20km today, so not a particularly long walk.

I noticed the contractors have been working on the rail bridges at Aldermaston with the prefabricated abutments now in place and a start has also been made on lifting the pre-stressed slabs into place across the gap.

Network Rail have made the gap shorter by bringing the new abutments closer together.

It was a lovely sunny and warm day with many walkers on the towpath around Reading.  Initially there was parkland on both sides of the Thames but the far bank eventually changed to private property with some beautiful homes, many of which had boats moored at the end of their garden.

I forgot to take a camera so these photo’s are from the Garmin gps.

Tomorrow it will be back to boat building.  There is now less than two weeks until we move aboard Waiouru.  She will be a long way from finish but it will be another milestone.

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