Thursday, 14 June 2012

A Strange Drought!

It appears an English drought is somewhat different to those we have experienced in Australia.  Back ‘downunder’ there would be dust storms, dying crops and the gumtrees would be shedding their bark in an effort to prevent “overheating”.  Whereas an English drought can involve rain and flooding!

Approximately one kilometres upstream from Aldermaston the River Kennett and canal separate before joining back together approximately one kilometre downstream.  This morning there was no change in the canal water level, however the same couldn’t be said for the river which had overflowed it’s banks and flooded the adjacent fields.

River Kennett in the foreground

The river water level dropped very quickly and by the evening it was back to normal.  Albeit the fields won’t fully dry out for several days.

Padworth Lock was looking very tranquil as we passed on our way back from viewing the Kennett.

Tom from Stone Circle arrived today to measure the areas for granite and slate.  I complemented him on his name and asked whether he was aware it meant “Strong & Handsome”.  He gave me a small knowing smile and nodded his head!

The first thing Tom did was to set up his equipment.  The tripod and laser level provide a datum point which is connected to a specialised computer.  A stylus is attached to the computer by a flexible cable.  Tom then touches the key points on the benchtop frame and simultaneously presses a remote keypad which records the datum point.  This information is then fed into a 3D CAD program for final design before the data is sent to a milling machine which cuts and shapes the material to the design.  The initial cost of all the specialist equipment is quite high however Tom informed us the financial outlay is rapidly recovered by the significant reduction is labour costs.

Tripod with computer and level on top set up for the galley granite work tops.

The measurements for the vanity top were then taken.  Tom also took the template Richard had made.

Tom with Richard in the background

He then checked the templates for the Lockgate Refleks stove slate hearth and surrounds.  We were informed the finished granite and slate would be ready for installation in 7 days.

That out of the way; Richard, James and I went on with the formica panelling in the bathroom.


Derek Ebbitt said...

I really am enjoying this. Please keep it up. You are doing a fine job.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Derek,
Always nice to get comments from my small group of readers who for some unknown reasons appear to follow my ramblings and accept my poor grammar and spelling!