Thursday, 21 June 2012

Starting on the Ducting

Richard and James were away today on other business and the marina was also light on staff.  This let me have the interior of Waiouru to myself.  Where to start?  I decided to tidy up the wiring in the starboard (right) bedroom wardrobe.  The bow node had been fitted under the gunwale in the wardrobe so sorting out all the wiring to the node seemed like a good idea.  The white plastic box section ducting was very useful for channelling and retaining all the wires.

A better view of the node under the gunwale

I guess it will be me who connects all the wires to the modules and then inserts the modules into the node.

Having tidied up the bow node wiring I moved on to the midships node located in the TV cabinet where I separated the media and data cables from the 12v and 240v.  The next job was to fit all the canbus switches we had purchased from Clipsal whilst living in Australia.  These had subsequently been kindly modified to work on 12v DC by Mark Zimmerman at Atlantis Marine.

The switches will work, however the decorative cover plates will not be added until after the final coat of varnish has been applied and Waiouru is almost complete.

By now it was getting towards the end of the day and I was looking for another small task to do.  The chandlery had one shower pump in stock so I installed it under the head of the bed and connected the hoses.  I just need to find a strip connecter for the wiring and the pump side of the shower will be complete.

The pump was mounted vertically for no other reason than there was insufficient width in the compartment to fix it horizontally on the floor.

Meanwhile Nick spent his day in the engine compartment plumbing the calorifier.  It looks a very neat job.  I must remember to take a photo tomorrow.

We have received some rather bad news regarding the granite.  First the supplier phoned to advise they were going to deliver and install all the bench tops today.  That created a slight panic as it was just Nick and me on site.  Then they phoned back to say the bench tops had been involved in an “incident” and as a result they needed to make two new tops which would now be delivered on Friday.


Alf said...

Should the pump not be fitted the oter way up ? Because if it leaks the water will damage the motor.

Tom and Jan said...

Drat.... I never thought of that problem. Funny no one in the boatyard mentioned it. However I'll turn it 180 degrees tomorrow!


Alf said...

If all else the instructions !!!!!!!! (Sorry !)

(First page of Whale Gulper info)