Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Pull-out Pantry

The pull-out lower half of the galley pantry has arrived and Richard had it assembled ready for installation as I entered the workshop this morning.  He had already fitted the four plastic feet on the base when I mentioned it seemed a shame to waste the space under the base.  I suggested it might be better used as storage.  Richard then decided to install the pantry without the feet.  This was achieved by screwing the cabinet to the adjacent partitions.

The pantry came with two trays.  It would probably be more useful with three, but the cost of an additional tray is slightly more than £32.  Consequentially Jan has decided to defer purchasing a third tray and instead use the base area for long term storage.

We have two spare galley drawers which wouldn’t fit under the galley sink.  Richard decided we could use one of them under the pantry and the other is already going to be used for the freezer.  The pantry is 300mm wide and the drawer 400mm.  Using the angle grinder I cut 100mm out of the middle of the drawer whilst Richard made a new base and then fitted the drawer under the pantry.

Whilst he was doing that I made a start on the wiring of the midships Empirbus node using the same technique employed on the bow node.

Because there is a void in the wall immediately to the left of the node I cut all the cables leaving plenty of “tail” on them.  This will enable me to tidy the visible cables by pulling the excess back into the void. 

The black and white cables in the top left of the photo are media cables.  The blue cables are 240 volt and the large red & black cables to the right are the heavy duty (16mm) “backbone” cables supplying DC power to the nodes.

The GSM wiring hasn’t been installed so I’ve left the tidying up of the cables at this time.  Tomorrow I’ll fit the GSM node and run the 16mm DC supply cable back to the stern node.  From there the cables will go to the batteries.  I might even get the time to start the wiring of the stern node.

Finally, here is a photo of the other bedside cabinet made by James.  None of the custom made furniture have doors at this stage of the build.

I’ve filled all the visible screw holes with glued oak plugs.  Once the heads have been cut off the plugs the cabinets will get their first coat of varnish.


Nb Duxllandyn said...

Helllo again Tom and Jan
Waiouru is really looking grand! Not long now before you will make her your permenant home? :-)
I continue to follow your progress with interest and fascination but have to confess to glazing over just a bit with all your talk of electrical nodes. But I'm right here with you with cupboard fittings and the beautiful work tops.
My blanket knitting is coming along well and I seem to have mastered the construction of a strip but I need to concentrate hard to turn and create a second strip on top of the first (otherwise we'll have to wrap things in it rather than cover them!!). As I can only really devote the time when we're on board my progress is patchy (oooo sorry for that pun) but I'm going back up (to the boat) on Friday so ...
Just as a 'by he way', our son lives in Perth. He's been there just one year now and we spent last Chistmas and New Year with him. It's a lovely place and we were really smitten with Aus.
Keep smiling :-)

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Marian,
I mentioned to Jan that you had been able to knit a row (strip) and she said to congratulate you. Even Jan has difficulty trying to remember the technique for commencing the next row but she said to keep thinking and you'll get there!
My family is in Perth and Jan's are in Sydney. If you were there for New Year then you know all about the heat (and flies!)

Carol said...

she’s looking good!

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Carol,
It's great to see progress being made!