Saturday, 2 June 2012

Obliging Joiners

I’m very pleased with the way Richard (Pearwood Joinery) accepted my suggestion for utilising the void behind the galley end panels.  He was quite enthusiastic about the concept and made several useful alterations which have added value to the design.

The alcove Richard has built into the galley end panel

The panels will not be the same.  Whilst both of them will have three shelves the port (left) side has been constructed with a magazine rack in the base.

Richard poses with the completed port panel

Each shelf has a small lip in an effort to prevent the contents flying onto the floor during our sudden stops!

The smile will disappear off Richards face when he sees the rough holes I’ve been cutting in his beautiful panels on Waiouru.  I decided to start fitting the light switch mounting blocks and used the electric jigsaw, plus my Leatherman, to cut the holes.  All the rough edges will be concealed; but I know that wont satisfy Richard!

I also worked out the cable that was shredded when I cut the hole through the roof for the diesel stove was the feed to the port wall lights in the saloon.  Part of the afternoon was spent attempting to install a replacement cable using a different route.  It’s almost done.  Another job for tomorrow!

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