Friday, 22 June 2012

The noisy green thing is out of its box!

This morning Nick and Darren took the top off the large cardboard box in the workshop to reveal this….

The marina forklift was then used with a jib attached to the blades to under-sling the engine and move it above Waiouru’s engine compartment.  It was then lowered into the compartment using a block and tackle.  All this was to confirm the layout of the other major components.  After they had marked the location of the engine mounts the engine was removed from Waiouru and taken back to the workshop.

Nick and Andy also discovered the drive shaft and Python Drive will not fit into the stern gear hole.  Apparently the hole is from Vetus and 30mm in diameter, whilst they had purchased a standard 1½” shaft and Python Drive.  Both of which now have to be returned and new 30mm components ordered.

Aquafax made a delivery at noon which enabled Nick to fit the 1000W immersion heater into the calorifier.

He has used the “shadow board” I fixed across the rear bulkhead to run the water pipes between the calorifier and the Hurricane heater.

No doubt there will be more pipes and wires fitted to the board!

Much of my day was taken wiring the Empirbus bow node.  The first task was to separate the cables into input and output modules.  When doing something for the first time I always start with the easiest task so you build up your confidence.  I started with the input wires as they are thinner (bottom module).  The output wires were done last.

A number of wires remain to be installed (horn, headlamp, bow bilge pump, etc).  The wiring diagram also had two connections for the PIR.  That had me “stumped” as I wasn’t sure what the bow PIR was?  Made a fool of myself asking Andy who informed me it was the Passive Infra Red (PIR) detector for the burglar alarm.  There is one at either end of the boat.  No…. I’m not going to photograph the PIR and put it on the blog…. I just look silly!

I’ll wait until all the wiring has been connected to the bow node before I tidy it up.

The Aquafax delivery also contained the various pipe fitting Nick ordered last Sunday.  The 2” skin fittings for the engine exhaust and the micro-filter have now been fitted. I know because I have the construct adhesive over my hands and on my nose where I scratched an itch!  I then fitted the sanitation hose between the blackwater tank and the pump-out connection on the roof.

The second hose dangling towards the front lower edge of the photo is the connection between the tank and the micro-filter which will be fitted under the gunwale.  This will allow the blackwater tank to “breath”  The plan is to avoid bad breath! Smile

I’d like to see the plumbing for the shower finished tomorrow and perhaps also install the water pump.  The fittings have arrived to connect the two water tanks so that’s another task for completion.

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