Wednesday, 20 June 2012

More on the Galley

This morning Richard asked me what part of Waiouru should we start today.  I suggested the galley.  Based on our experience whilst living on nb Ufton Jan had already decided she didn’t want knobs or protruding handles on any of the doors or drawers.  This was because the knobs on Ufton had snagged on trouser pockets and belt loops.  She wanted flush mounted handles.  Richard had done some research and suggested a brushed stainless steel handle which Jan had quickly accepted.

Poor Richard had made a job for himself as the handles have to be rebated into every door and drawer on Waiouru. He made a template and then tested it with his router to ensure the handles were an exact fit.  Once this had been done all the gallery cupboard doors and drawers were routered using the template.  The handle was tested against each door/drawer and then routered a second time to achieve the required additional depth. 

Meanwhile I was grinding the ends of the supplied stainless steel screws as they were slightly too long.  The handles were then fitted to the doors and drawers.  Drawer handles horizontal and cupboard doors vertical.

A very snug fit

After fitting all the handles we headed back to Waiouru to fit the cupboard doors and drawer ends.  The two drawers at the far end are false because the top contains the sink.

Richard has already checked the depth of the gas hob which will be fitted on the opposite side. There is approximately 50mm of clearance between the top of the granite workbench and the top of the drawer.  This is sufficient to fit the hob without fouling the drawers underneath.

Just as Richard was thinking of taking a rest I suggested we carry on and fit the six kickboard drawers. Smile

We are now waiting on the granite bench tops before finishing the galley.  Meanwhile James has continued with the second bedside cabinet whilst Andy took delivery of the Empirbus components sent by Atlantis Marine (thanks Mark!)   Explaining the purpose of each of the Empirbus components will be the subject of a later post….. or more likely posts as it’s a very complex subject to describe!

Just me working on Waiouru tomorrow.  I need to install a second run of plastic ducting under the starboard gunwale for the extra cables and will also make a start on re-labelling the ends of all the wires ready for them to be connected to the Empirbus nodes.

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