Sunday, 1 July 2012


Jan has been “surfing” for a mattress supplier.  Some years ago she discussed the subject with Dot (nb Gypsy Rover) and as a result had decided on a three piece memory foam mattress.  Once Richard had finished constructing the bed on Waiouru she was able to measure the dimensions.

Last week she attempted to phone Trusleep prior to placing an order.  To her surprise she received an automatic response from 3 Mobile advising there was insufficient credit on the mobile phone to make the call.  But we are on a monthly plan that has 300 minutes of time and we never use it!  Then I realised in the UK you have to pay when you call a number starting with 0845.  I’m NOT going to pay to contact a business about them selling me a product!  I’m the potential purchaser…….. Not a source of additional revenue…….. or someone who subsidises their business operating costs!

Jan worked out a way of contacting Trusleep by email and requested they phone her back.  Trusleep duly phoned Jan and she placed an order for the three piece mattress which promptly arrived on the date she had requested.  So a big tick to Trusleep for the manufacture and delivery of the mattress.  Comfort has still to be rated.

We opened the boxes to find each section of mattress had been vacuum sealed and tightly rolled in a large plastic bag.  Once the seal was broken the mattress sections rapidly expanded in size.

The good news is there is sufficient length in the bed and the additional width (5ft –v- 4’6”) seems to make quite a difference.  The bedside cabinet has also had the effect of reducing Jan's feeling of claustrophobia. 

However, the proof of the pudding is in the sleeping! Winking smile That’s likely to happen tomorrow night.

At today’s regular weekly meeting with Andy he mentioned that; apart from the exterior painting; Waiouru should be completed at the end of July.  He estimates it will take 5 weeks to paint Waiouru but the painting won’t commence until the new paint tent is delivered.  So we are going to be living in a dusty and messy construction site for a few weeks.  One looks forward to the itchy feeling of oak sawdust in one’s underwear along with additional fibre in the breakfast cereal.


Dave Bradshaw said...

Hope you sleep ok on the new mattress
I tried a memory foam mattress and sweated profusely all night it went back hope you don't. Dave

Tom and Jan said...

Yes, we were warned about that last year and purchased a sheepskin cover last June when we arrived. Actually the mattress on the boat we are currently living on (Molly) is also memory foam with our sheepskin cover. No problems with sweating to date (fingers crossed)!

Davidss said...

Sheepskin Cover ... Is there a blog about that?
Which really means, if you have posted about it earlier, can I be lazy and ask you to post a link, please?


Tom and Jan said...

Actually I don't believe we posted anything about the cover. We had one on our waterbed in NZ and again when we moved to Australia. We were subsequently told having one on a memory foam mattress would significantly reduce the tendency to sweat. The same problem occurs with the waterbed mattress!
I think we purchased the UK cover from Dunelm Mill not long after we arrived.



Derek and Dot said...

Hi Tom and Jan
Sleep well, we also had a sheepskin cover bought from the same retailer. We were very impressed with Trusleep and their service. Hope you find the mattress as comfortable as we did. We thought they had delivered the wrong product until we undid our parcel and it popped open. :-)

Steve said...

Hi Tom and Jan,
Though you might be interested in this web site SAYNOTO0870.COM. Its a site that lists local numbers for 08 numbers and others. Says you paying the premium rate number. Simply search by entering the 0845 number and you get a list of local rate numbers for that company in return.

They do not have every number yet but I've always had good results and saved money too.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Steve,

That's very handy information.