Friday, 8 June 2012

Long Day

A late post today.   We were wakened by the alarm at 5:30am ready for our long day.  The rental car was collected from Enterprise and we headed off for our meeting with eldest son and his partner.  It’s now eight months since I gave up vehicles in favour of narrowboats and the change in attitude was quite pronounced.

Apparently other drivers don’t like you going at walking pace and no amount of hand signals or sounding the horn could convince oncoming traffic to pass on our left!  Don’t they realise that by travelling so fast they can damage the kerbing? Smile

We couldn’t believe our luck on finding a free short stay mooring at the rear of Hatton Cross Tube station.  Actually we couldn’t see any CART mooring restriction signs! However the lock warden turned up 5 minutes later and gave Jan a scolding telling her to move on!  She explained we were novices and didn’t realise no mooring was permitted.  The excuse wasn’t accepted and she was told to purchase a mooring ticket for the local marina.  Fortunately eldest son and his partner turned up and we departed.

I’ll leave the story on where we went for tomorrow as it’s now quite late and frankly I’m bushed!.  However I can’t resist leaving a couple of photos

(L-R) Myles “He got you!” Jan “Where’s that seagull going?”  Steve ”What dropped in my eye?”

Have you ever noticed it doesn’t matter how old your children are they can still embarrass you in public!

Hint…. We went to a famous place where these two beasts sit on top of the main gateposts

If you haven’t worked it out all will be revealed tomorrow!

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