Saturday, 23 June 2012

Granite has been installed

I must thank Alf for the comment he left regarding the position of the Whale Gulper shower waste pump.  He mentioned it was installed the wrong way up!  I had no instructions when the pump was installed.  After receiving Alf’s blog comment I searched Google and found a copy of the instructions. The pump must be at the bottom when the unit is mounted vertically.  Reversing the installation was the first job of the day.  The motor is now at the top and the pump at the bottom.

Later in the day I finished installing the shower waste outlet pipe.  It has a “swans neck” in an effort to ensure water can’t run back down the pipe from the outlet on the hull.

The lower formica panel already has the shower mixer valve attached.  All that remains is for the hot and cold pipes to be attached to the mixer connections.  The panel can then be screwed into place and the shower cabinet joins sealed.

Two fellows from Stone Circle arrived with the granite bench tops just after 9:00AM.  It only took them a couple of hours to fit all three bench tops.

You may be able to see the bright blue fleck in the granite.

Jan had the entire granite top rebated by 10mm on the sink side leaving a small lip around the outer edge.  The theory is the bow will be higher than the stern so all the water will drain back into the sink when draining the dishes.  She didn’t want drainage grooves routered into the top as it might reduce the useable bench space.

All the plumbing fittings can now be installed.

Richard trimmed the galley cabinets which allowed the gas hob to fit into the granite top.  We were pleased the drawers still fit under the hob which means more storage.  He then started to mark out the back cabin. 

Meanwhile James continued with the bedroom cabinet.

Towards the end of the day I decided to connect the two water tanks with the fittings received from Aquafax.  The inlet to the second tank which is located under the cratch, is in a very confined position.  Moreover it appeared the threads were rusted.  It took me quite some time to clear and clean the threads.  Thinking through the installation process it was quite clear the valve; hose tail; and hose would all have to be assembled and fitted as one component. 

Looking down into the bow thruster locker with the arrow pointing at the valve into the cratch water tank.

The valve, elbow and flexible hose on the other end all needed to be installed separately.

This was a relatively straightforward task and yet I managed to get a leak in the connection between the elbow and the valve (red arrow).  I guess that means I have to pump out the water tank and remake the leaking connection.

The courier still hasn’t delivered the TV bracket ordered from Amazon.  That’s three failed attempts!  Richard has now changed the delivery address so hopefully it will arrive over the weekend.  We need it to establish the positions for the Empirbus nodes as they will be fitted in the same cabinet around the bracket.

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