Friday, 1 June 2012

Galley Units Done!

It was rather a long day with plenty completed but not much to show for it.  Richard spent a considerable portion of the day levelling and securing the galley units.  I applied my management skills and stood over him offering unrequested and unwanted advice!

Once the oak end panels have been made and fitted the granite worktop templates can be measured.  Waiouru us starting to get somewhat crowded inside with all the equipment and material that has recently arrived.  To create a little more space I fitted the kickboard drawers.  They have yet to be fitted with their front panels but at least they are out of the way.

One of the boat building principles we are adhering to is all the engineering services must be accessible without having to rip out or disassemble the built-in cabinets and furniture.  As there is pipework behind the galley units Richard has removed the backs of the three affected units.  Once the pipework has been tested for leaks he will refit the panels.  However they will be secured with screws to make them access panels.

We also needed the services of Nick, the engineer, as the central heating pipework hadn’t been completed behind the galley units.  He did this and also installed the first two twin finrads central heating panels.  The aluminium “fins” on the panel are very sharp <voice of experience speaking>

You will be able to see the void between the end of the galley units and the oak flush panel in the following photo.  In yesterday’s post I wrote about my idea of making some shelving here to utilise the void.

Richard is going to cut out a rectangular hole in each end panel and trim the edges with oak before building three shelves into the void.  I’ve attempted to roughly mark out the idea on the following photo.

The galley should be ready for the granite tomorrow afternoon which will allow Richard to return to the completion of the double bed.

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