Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Bed 95% Complete

The bed is almost complete.  Richard fitted the extending comb and everything for the footlocker apart from the oak base panels, the gas struts and the small strip of comb support beading along the front.  Some work will need to be completed at the rear of the comb.

The bed footlocker.  Waiting on the comb securing beading along the front

Plenty of His ‘n’ Hers storage room.  Just requires the gas struts and oak floor lining.

The ‘comb’ extension in the closed position

Comb extended

It’s probable all this outstanding work will be finished by lunch tomorrow and we will then start on the bathroom vanity.  I’ve not given much thought to the design of the vanity cabinet and will therefore heavily rely upon Richard.

During the afternoon Mark fitted the shower waste in preparation for the installation of the waste hose and pump.  I asked him how one would clean the shower waste trap should it block with soap, fat, hair,etc.  He told me to use a plunger!  Apparently the pump won’t have a problem handling all this “waste” and if it does; I’ll be able to gain access to the pump under the head of our bed.


Ian said...

Hi guys,

That's the first time I've seen the internal workings of a pull-out cross bed - clever! The only thing that concerns me about cross beds is the length. I'm 5'10"/11" - does this allow much head/foot room?


Tom and Jan said...

Hi Ian

The bed is 6'3" long. This was achieved by screwing the timber plywood lining directly to the steel frame (ie, removing the timber battens on the wall)

Paul Strutt said...

I am puzzled why you have made the His and Her storage spaces the same size? Shouldn;t that be 85% Hers and 15% His? ;)

All joking aside, I have really enjoyed reading your build blog. Masses of really useful info in there, so thank you for all the effort you went to.

Tom and Jan said...

Paul, who said the His side doesn't get taken by the Her! :-)