Sunday, 10 June 2012

Additional Information

During a towpath conversation this afternoon Bill informed me he knew the answer to my question in yesterday’s blog post regarding the water supply for the fountain in the Fountain Court at Hampton Court Palace.  According to Bill the water was piped three miles from a reservoir on Kingston Hills.

This information led to further research using Google where I discovered a source of information <here> at English Heritage.  Apparently when the palace was originally designed there were three conduits suppling water to Wolsey’s palace from across the Thames.  This surprised me as I hadn’t been looking for a water source on the other side of the river.  You can’t see it in the Google Earth photo below but the area around Kingston is actually higher than the opposite side of the river. It must have been an interesting engineering challenge to get a brick conduit across the Thames.

So my question has been answered!

Meanwhile, Richard has made a start on the bathroom vanity unit.  He is producing something more complex than we had expected.  But then we probably shouldn’t be surprised by his fastidious approach!

Front and top view

The cabinet has a main portion to the right which will eventually have doors and shelves.  To the left is a smaller void which will contain three open shelves for small toiletry items.  The smaller cupboard does not have the same depth as the plumbing for the hot & cold mixer tower fits behind it.

The rear side of the cabinet will also have three half shelves (see next photo) to terminate the cabinet at the lining.

A heated towel rail will be fitted to the right of the cabinet.  Our intention is the vanity top will be the same granite (Angola Blue) as the galley.

I’ve been modifying the galley lighting (again).  Originally all the lights were to be mounted in the ceiling.  Then we decided to mount some of them in the base of the high level glass fronted galley cabinets.  I’ve now realised the port side cabinet won’t fit as the internal glazed side hatch doors would foul on the cabinet when fully opened.

So we’ve had a change in the plan and (almost) reverted back to the original lighting layout.  The internal door to the side hatch (C right side) precludes the installation of a cabinet at (B right of photo).  There is sufficient room on the opposite side (B left of photo) for a cabinet so the cables have been left for the under mounted lights. 

Three new light holes have been drilled in the ceiling (A).  The holes were the easy part.  Rewiring the lights after the ceiling panels had been installed proved to be more problematic!  However I got there in the end.  The cable damaged during the installation of the diesel stove flue still hasn’t been replaced. That is the task for next weekend when the joiners are off the boat.

The final task Jan and I have set ourselves for the weekend is to measure the new double bed.  Jan will then be able to order a mattress.

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