Sunday, 27 May 2012

Why no hole?

There is a second Wilson-Tyler boat beside Waiouru and I happened to notice neither of them have a hole in the top of the rudder.

Yet all the other boats in the yard or moored against the wharf do have a hole.

My assumption is the hole is there so a rope can be attached to the rudder.  Probably to ensure it’s not accidentally lost when completing maintenance on the rudder whilst the boat is in the water???

Now for the top of the boat.  A couple of photos of the mushroom vent hole which has been sanded back after the second application of filler.  This is the vent that is located directly above the partition between the bedroom and bathroom.  Immediately in front of it is the solar panel terminal with the two 6mm cables I installed earlier in the week.

  Did you see the “oops” jigsaw cut?

A fault we would probably never have known about as it would have been covered by both the paint and the mushroom vent.

I must have glued dozens of oak plugs yesterday and am quite pleased I’ve decided not to be the volunteer to cut off the excess.

The plugs in the above photo will actually be covered by the slate cladding around the diesel fire.  But the screws get covered anyway!

The “his & Her” drawer opening under the front of the bed.  Meanwhile, Richard and James have made a start on the bed footlocker.  The first cut of the side panels has been completed and they have gone back to the workshop for the cutting of the second cut scribing and fitting of the corner quarter round moulding.  All that is left to see are the chocks and markings on the floor.

The locker will also be divided into “His & Hers” and will have a lid with two gas struts to support it.

Tomorrow’s plan is for Jan and me to lightly sand the bare timber before rubbing it down to remove and dust followed by one coat of varnish.  The idea is to provide some protection to the timber whilst work continues.


Adam said...

Your rudder probably doesn't have a hole because one wasn't ordered! The hulls that Tim builds for Braidbar have the Braidbar cruciform in them, so I guess he'll do whatever he asked to do.

Tom and Jan said...

Well that makes sense..... I was just surprised both rudders didn't have a hole!
It's probably a good idea to have one so I'd better get that arranged!

Steve said...

Tom, I'm not sure if it's the same for Narrow boats and I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the hole is so a chain or rope can be jury rigged to the rudder to steer the boat if, for any reason, the tiller and/or tiller arm are damaged beyond use.

Hardly likely to happen on the cut but useful just in case.

Tom and Jan said...

Well I don't think having a hole will do any harm so I'll have one cut!

Ian said...

Steve said...
"Hardly likely to happen on the cut but useful just in case."

James & Amy of nbLuckyDuck found themselves in exactly that situation! They were taking Lucky Duck home after buying her - there was an engine prob, so were being towed by friends - a low hanging branch somehow hooked itself under the tiller arm and ripped it clean off!! It subsequently turned out that the tiller arm had been damaged before and was poorly welded back on.

Unlikely, but it doesn't do any harm to cover as many eventualities as you can. :-)