Sunday, 20 May 2012

Walk–Sunday 20 May

This time the walking circuit was to the south-west near Brimpton.  The route was slightly over 18km, so rather shorter than normal as I wanted to get back and complete a couple of tasks on Waiouru before everyone returns to work tomorrow.

I’ve now walked so much of the local area I’m finding the first third of my walks are over ground previously covered.  Walking through the woods is always interesting.  It’s the sunlight bursting through the green canopy and the smell of damp vegetation that’s a total contrast to Australia.  I see less wildlife (mostly deer and pheasants), however they make a change from kangaroos, wombats and koalas.

These photo’s were taken using the camera in the Garmin gps.  The battery was flat on the Penta.  It was checked and (accordingly to the display) full before I departed.  However when I took it out to take the first photo the camera just shut down <grrrrrr>

In an earlier post I mentioned the large number of horses in the area.  Well it must rain quite heavily to the west of Tadley because the horses in this area have all shrunk.

The foal was smaller than a Labrador!  But rather cute!

This area of Brimpton Common was a sea of dandelions and buttercups.

After passing across the common I reached an area signposted as a preserved water pasture.  I hadn’t anticipated having to cross sodden, swampy fields.  Don’t see much of them in Oz!  However I paused, remembered my NZ swampy field crossing technique, and managed to get to the far side without filling my boots.  It was then a matter of walking up the final ridge and through the Brimpton Church cemetery.  Does this mean I’ve walked through the dead centre of Brimpton?

By now the weather was starting to get overcast, cold and windy.  A burst of speed was required to get me back to my start point reasonably quickly.

After a hurried late lunch I donned my playsuit (overalls) and scurried across to Waiouru.  The first task was to finish the repainting of the engine compartment.  The engineers have left a mess which offends my sense of tidiness.


90% complete


The engine is due to arrive this week and I’d rather like the compartment to be in good condition before it is fitted.

The second task was to apply another coat of body filler (“bog”) to the mushroom vent hole in the roof.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, the last builder cut it in the wrong place and had it positioned immediately above the bathroom-bedroom wall.   I’d previously applied a first coat of filler which had hardened . It now needed to be sanded back before a second coat was applied.

Filled hole to the left and solar panel terminal box to the right.

My intention is to sand the second application back to a “dome” shape to further improve its resistance to water.  Eventually a false mushroom vent will be fixed over the top.

The next task was to get some primer paint and touch up the bare metal from the sander and the weld hot spots on the exterior of the shell.

The last task was to take a photo and measure the hot plate ring on the Lockgate Reflex diesel stove.  Jan wants the diameter as she intends to purchase a kettle to fit on the stove.

Back to “real work” tomorrow! Smile

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