Monday, 28 May 2012


No photos today because I was too busy varnishing all the recent joinery.  It was reasonably cool inside Waiouru, which I hope is a sign of the effectiveness of the insulation.  Both side hatches were opened and I also removed the temporary covers off the houdini hatches to improve the air circulation.

The plan for the day was to lightly sand all the bare joinery with 180 grit paper and then wipe all the surfaces down with a special cloth that traps all the dust in its weave.  The surfaces were then given one coat of satin varnish which had been diluted with 10% white spirits.  The job took most of the day and despite the air circulation in Waiouru I perspired quite heavily. 

All this fluid loss will have to be replaced with amber nectar from the cafe later this evening! Smile

Todays actions should allow the joiners to keep going with the fitting of the galley and bathroom.  We have run out of accommodation options and must move on board Waiouru at the end of June.  This means the galley and bathroom must be useable.  The granite worktops in the galley will take two weeks to manufacturer from measurement to installation.  So Richard & James must install the galley units must before the end of the second week in June.  Before they can start on the galley they require the gas oven.  Therefore the delivery of the gas oven is currently the most critical item!  Andy informed me on Friday the oven will arrive tomorrow (Monday).  I just hope he is right.  He also told me the glass swing door for the shower will be delivered. 

We have accepted Waiouru will not be completed by the end of June and consequentially will be living in a half completed boat surrounded by joiners and engineers (along with all their mess!)  Not the best situation, but we have no other option.

Oh!  I have already checked the length of the marina pump-out hose and it’s just long enough to reach Waiouru.  However we will have to collect the galley, and bathroom waste water in containers for disposal.

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