Saturday, 5 May 2012

A start on the laminate

Not a lot to show for today’s efforts.  Richard and I plumbed the partition between the saloon and the toilet before taking it to the workshop for it’s final trimming.  The side facing the toilet was then laminated in the colour chosen by Jan before the oak trim was fixed to the leading edge and routed.  It’s a long time since I last applied formica (38 years) so we took our time with me “assisting” Richard.

After that we plumbed the next partition which is between the toilet and the shower.  It was then removed and taken to the workshop ready for final cutting and the laminating on both sides.  This will be done on Monday.

The other major event during the day was the delivery of the boatyards new inflatable boat tunnel.  After it had been inflated, it was moved over the top of the boat adjacent to Waiouru.  This boat is the next to be painted. The tunnel will then be placed over Waiouru to protect her during painting.  There is very little clearance between the two boats so the set of access steps at the bow of Waiouru had to be moved from the starboard to the port side of the bow.  This created another problem as the temporary front door I had previously fitted was now swinging the wrong way.  So I had to remove the door and change the hinges to the opposite side of the door frame.

Tomorrow will probably see me making a start on the painting of the interior of the large potable water tank.

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