Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A start on the engine compartment

Andy has been in Waiouru’s engine compartment working out where to place everything.  The main pieces of equipment are:

  1. Beta 43 engine
  2. Hurricane central heater
  3. Domestic battery bank
  4. Calorifier
  5. Engine exhaust hospital silencer

After inspecting the compartment he made the observation, there was less room than he had anticipated, because Waiouru has such a large fuel tank.  As regular readers will know she actually has twin tanks. 

I suspect it’s the first time he has fitted a Hurricane because; having previously downloaded and read the comprehensive manual; I was able to “air my knowledge” regarding possible placement positions.  He wanted two of the Roll 600 traction batteries in the compartment so he could “juggle” them around.  I shouldn’t have helped him lift them onto Waiouru’s stern and into the compartment because they are VERY heavy and I’m a pensioner these days! 

After moving them about, he appears to have decided they will straddle the port and starboard swims above the stern tube.

Eventually there will be four giving us 900ah of domestic power.

Straddling the swim shouldn’t be an issue because we are having dripless stern gear fitted.  Additionally, they will be in the centreline and therefore have little effect upon the trim.

The current plan is for the Hurricane to go forward against the port bulkhead.  I’d like to see it raised off the swim and must discuss this with Andy.  Have any readers fitted a Hurricane and where did you position it?

The calorifier will go on the starboard swim.

We’ve specified a large calorifier with twin coils (Hurricane & engine) plus a 230v immersion heater.  I’ll probably clad it in additional insulation once we have taken delivery of Waiouru.

The hospital silencer has been delivered and I suspect it will go on the port swim behind the Hurricane. 

Yesterday I cut two holes through the steel engine bulkhead for all the wiring and plumbing.  The are immediately below the height of the gunwale.  Consequentially we have a water-tight engine compartment to gunwale level.

Andy has decided the gas pipe will not be routed through the engine compartment.  The pipe will go directly from the gas locker in the semi-trad area through the upper bulkhead into the back cabin.  The copper pipe will be run inside a plastic hose to provide further protection against accidental knocks which might otherwise damage it.

The partitions should be finished tomorrow.


Bruce in Sanity said...

We have ours on the starboard swim and it's just fine there. Two things to note;

1) Calcutt say you don't have to have the massive inverted Us in the inlet and exhaust pipes, as long as you block the external holes before going on a tideway

2) Make sure those holes through the hull are far enough aft that they don't get obstructed when tied close in to the side.

All the best


Bruce in Sanity said...

Sorry, meant to say PORT swim, of course – it's too early in the morning!

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Bruce,

I cut the holes in the port side today and didn't see your comments until afterwards.

The inlet is forward and the exhaust to the rear (stern) as marked out by Andy. They are both up high. I post some photo's tomorrow.