Thursday, 3 May 2012


Just like India and Palestine, today a decision was made to partition Waiouru.

Richard produced some templates and we quickly reconfigured them to fit the interior cabin profile.  The template was subsequently adjusted for each of the four partition walls.

We started with the rear cabin partition, scribing the port side.  Once the plywood was cut it was used a a mirror template for the starboard side.  The passageway in the following photo will be two inches wider when the partition is finally installed. 

All the partitions are made from 1” thick Latvian Birch plywood and are very solid.

The remaining partitions for the port side were then cut out.  We now have some idea of the space in the galley and saloon.  Waiouru is getting smaller!

The saloon

Jan expressed concern about the size of the head (just thought I’d get a little nautical) suggesting we may have to back into it.

There’s not enough “wide angle” on the lens to take a good photo!

However the shower is well proportioned at 900x720mm

It’s a new ‘low profile’ model.  A hole needs to be cut in the floor for the waste trap.  The actual shower waste water pump will go under the head of the bed and the discharge point will be back on the shower wall above the waterline.

We now have a good idea of the dimensions of the main bedroom.

The lining has been taken off the front bulkhead because I needed to cut a 50mm access hole through the steel under each of the gunwales (red arrows).  These are for the wiring to the headlamp, horn, bow thruster and cameras.  I’ve also drilled two more holes in the rear bulkhead for the same reason.

Richard has been very fastidious about the selection of the plywood and the scribing of the partitions.  He is attempting to both match the grain on the ply, and ensure the best veneer face will be on the exposed side.  His cutting is so precise the partitions in the photos are only held in place by friction.  They will all have to come out to have their edges trimmed with solid oak facings. Additionally, all the walls in the toilet and shower will be laminated.

Tomorrow Richard and I will work on the starboard partitions.  It should be easier as they are smaller than those on the port side!


Albert @ said...

Nice partitions. Good luck with all future work. I know you'll do a good job of it.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Albert,

I'm not sure it will be me doing the "good job". However I'm very impressed with Richard and James from Pearwood Joinery.