Wednesday, 23 May 2012

More work on the bed

The bed was re-plumbed this morning as Richard had worried about it overnight.  All the moving, shuffling, banging and re-levelling resulted in one side being adjusted by ONE MILLIMETRE.  This joiner is a perfectionist!

After all that adjusting the sides of the bed were then removed to have the quarter moulding added, along with the solid oak top trim.  After everything was cut, routered, glued, screwed, filled and sanded the two side were fixed back in the bedroom and secured with temporary chocks.

One side back in with the quarter moulding and trim

Later this afternoon we started cutting and fitting the softwood battens that will secure the bed frame from the inside.  As the floor rises all the measurements from now on will be taken from the top of the bed where both sides are level.

Whilst Richard was trimming the sides of the bed I got all excited at the back of the boat with the electric hole saw. 

Some fellow boaters might recognise the exterior shore-power socket.  For any non-boating readers, a shore-power socket is a male 240v fitting which enable electricity from the shore to be supplied to the boat.

But this isn’t a shore-power socket.  It’s one of these…….

A Whale Swim ‘N’ Rinse Shower fitting.  This will be connected to the calorifier and supply hot water at the back deck.  We thought it might be good for washing boots, a dirty dog or filling a bucket with hot water.

The 6mm solar cable I ordered on the Internet Sunday evening arrived today.  Very prompt service!  After some searching on Google we placed the order with The Electric Cable Co.  I purchased 36 metres of 6mm cable.  Why 6mm? The planned location for the panels is towards the bow and I wanted to minimise the voltage drop between the panels and the batteries which are at the very rear stern of the boat.  So running the cable is yet another task awaiting attention.

However, tomorrow it will be back to bed! Smile


Pip - nb Windsong said...

Love the Swim 'N' Rinse shower fitting - ideal for washing the dog - just a quick question. You say it's connected to the calorifier - is it JUST hot or can you add cold? It's just that it would be far too hot to use on the dog if it's just from the calorifier - our hot water is almost boiling after we've cruised a few hours!
Pip & Roger

Tom and Jan said...


It would be quite easy to connect the fitting to a shower mixing valve in the engine compartment. This would then enable the water temperature to be adjusted.
Tom & Jan