Friday, 18 May 2012

Grey & White

No photos today.  I could have taken a few but there is actually less to see than yesterday.  This is because Richard and I dismantled the work we had previously completed on the bedroom wardrobes so we could make a start on the panels facing the passageway.  These panels will have the doors built into them.

Richard inspected all the sheets of ¾” ply to find one that had a very good surface.  Both panels were then cut from the sheet.  Doing this will ensure the timber grain in the doors matches the panels.  The panels were then scribed in the boat and cut again to ensure they were a perfect fit.  The floor starts to rise towards the bow which means the bottom of the panel isn’t level.  To add to the complexity. the ceiling also curves in two dimensions.

Once the panels were cut, one edge was rebated for the joint with the corner moulded section.  Then the rectangular shape of the door was marked on the panel and cut out using a jig saw.  The final size of the opening in the panel carefully cut out with a router and chisel. Both the panel opening and edge of the wardrobe door will have a 15mm solid oak trim. Consequentially the doors were then cut down to size ready for the oak trim to be fitted.

The last joinery task for the day was to cut some oak down to size for the trim.  This was then run through the thicknesser for final sizing.

Back in the engine compartment Nick has completed most of the welding.  During the lunch break I cleaned the bare metal and primed it.  Later in the afternoon I managed to find some time to paint the first coat of white bilge paint.

I’m a really bad painter.  At least the grey primer matches my hair; but I can’t work out how I managed to get white bilge paint up my nose!  My plan is to get a second coat of the bilge paint on tomorrow which will then enable me to paint the missing second coat on the interior of the main water tank sometime Saturday.

The Lockgate Refleks diesel stove for the saloon has been delivered and is now sitting in the workshop ready for installation.  Before that can be done a template has to be made for the base of the fire so the slate hearth can be cut.  Then we will be able to work out where the hole for the chimney has to be cut in the roof.

Richard had a telephone call just before lunch informing him the galley cupboards will be delivered tomorrow.  The original delivery date was the 24th.  The earlier delivery is good news as it will give us more time to organise the installation of the granite work tops.

And that’s all………… Until tomorrow Winking smile

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