Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Galley Appliance Cabinet

The Spinflo gas oven arrived today, just as Andy had predicted!  I immediately asked Richard if he would cease work on the bed locker and start on the galley appliance cabinet as the galley is on the project critical path.

The first task was to unpack the oven so it could be checked and measured.  Jan had selected this particular model of Spinflo oven because she wanted the sliding door.

The oven is wider than anticipated

When opened the door will extend into the galley passageway.

But it then slides back underneath thereby eliminating the potential obstacle.

The port (left) rear cabin bulkhead partition has been removed to provide more room for the scribing and installation of the appliance cabinet.

View from the back cabin towards the galley

We struck two problems.  Both of which have been overcome!  The first is there was insufficient depth in the cabinet for the fridge.  This is because the large sanitation pipe (lower arrow) is routed behind the fridge at floor level.  We needed an additional 20mm and eventually found it by removing the pipe saddles that were securing the sanitation pipe to the wall.  These saddles were holding the pipe 20mm away from the side of the hull lining.  We’ll replace them with conventional saddles so the pipe is flush against the wall.

The second problem was a very slight lack of depth for one small part of the oven.  To get around this we are going to cut a hole in the wall lining and create a lined rebated compartment.  This won’t be very large as it’s only for the oven cold air inlet duct.  There will be plenty of room above the oven for the microwave cabinet so I’ve asked Richard to construct a shelf between the top of the oven and the microwave.  Jan will be able to use it for oven trays, etc.  It also means that should a higher oven need to be fitted at a later date there will be sufficient room.

We will probably have all the galley bench cabinets, the pantry and the appliance cabinet completed by the end of the week.  Hopefully we can get the granite bench top people in early next week to do some measuring.

There were two other deliveries today.  The Beta 43 engine arrived on a pallet and later in the day a courier van delivered the 900mm pivot shower door ordered from PlumbWorld.  They were the cheapest supplier I could find and I was somewhat nervous about the delivery having read some of the customer reviews.  But the order had already been placed!  Anyway, it arrived quite promptly.

Meanwhile Jan’s male friend turned up for yet another free meal.  He’s now starting to look rather large and I’m wondering if he is “weight challenged”!  I must try to find the time to watch his next take-off or landing.

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