Sunday, 20 May 2012

Clear as Day

According to the writer of one letter to the editor of an Australian newspaper it’s all so logical.

When I was a kid we never had drought.
Then we started with daylight saving.  We started with a little bit, but now we have six months of the year daylight saving.

It has just become too much for the environment to cope with.

It is all so logical, for six months of the year we have an extra hour each day of that hot afternoon sun.
I read somewhere that scientific studies had shown there is a lot less moisture in the atmosphere which means we get less rain.

I believe this one hour extra sun is slowly evaporating all the moisture out of everything.
Why can't the Government get the CSIRO to do studies on this, or better still, get rid of daylight saving.
They have to do something before it is too late.


Meanwhile; as you can see from the following photo; I’ve been down in the bow water tank applying the second coat of black paint.  More fumes inhaled…………

Now all I have to do is clean the paint off my hands and head! Winking smile

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