Thursday, 10 May 2012

Bill doesn’t eat lunch

Oh yes he does……..!   Jan caught him at the Canal Cafe and has the evidence to prove it.

He’s attempted to “move the goalposts” by suggesting he doesn’t eat lunch on work days!  Oh, and this wasn’t lunch……. Just a cake! Winking smile

Meanwhile, someone else tapped on the boat at lunch time.  It was Jan’s friend “Oliver”!

It appeared Ollie didn’t want to talk…….

“Just give me the bread woman……!”

What’s Oliver’s family name…..”Twist” of course! Smile

It appears I have a competitor for the home baked bread! 

Mind you…… If Ollie doesn’t get the bread I normally discover Jan has given it to “The Bachelors”.   Oh…. you haven’t been introduced to the bachelors?  They are the three young male ducks who have also developed a habit of appearing at the galley window!      tap tap tap……

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