Friday, 25 May 2012

Battened & Topped!

Richard expressed surprise at just how much 1”x1” pine was used to batten out the base of the main section of the double bed.
The two square compartments to the left are the for the drawers that open into the passage.  The long section with the white pipe will have the shower pump at the far end and the remainder will be long term storage.  The plan is to also have a 28mm copper pipe run in a “T” across the top of the bed and between the drawer compartments.  This will provide warmth for the clothing in the drawers and some heat up the lining of the boat.  It may even heat the mattress during winter!
The top to the base has been cut and fitted.  Richard and James have now started on the construction of the ‘comb’ which will extend the bed across the passage. 
Meanwhile, I fitted some timber panelling in the engine compartment.  The idea was to install it horizontally across the bulkhead between the engine compartment and the back cabin.  It will be used to secure pipes and wiring.  I couldn’t find a sheet sufficiently long to fit the 1800x400 area so I made it from two 900x400 sections.  The cutting of the panels wasn’t the difficult part of the task.  It was the drilling and tapping (threading) of the steel bulkhead for the machine screws!
My idea is should there be unused sections of the board after the engine bay has been completed I might be able to use it as a ‘shadow board’ for some hand tools.
After lunch Darren gave me two small packages which had just been delivered to the chandlery by the courier.  They contained the deck fittings for the pumpout and rinse points. 
So I drilled and cut the threads for both fittings where I’d previously cut the holes on the roof.  However I didn’t seal them with mastic as Darren wants to remove the fittings when he paints Waiouru.
The latest news is the engine (Beta 43) is scheduled to be delivered on Monday.

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