Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Appliance Cabinet Complete

Richard has finished the appliance cabinet in the galley.  Initially 600mm was allowed for the width, however he has been able to “recover” almost 50mm by making the cabinet only just wide enough to fit the appliances.  I was somewhat surprised to find the oven is wider than the fridge!

You might be able to see the end of the thin timber bead across the base of the lower opening in the cabinet.  Its purpose is to trip up the fridge should it decide to go walkabout! The next level will hold the wall oven.  The void above the wall oven is for baking trays, etc.  The top void will hold the microwave oven.  I gave the cabinet a final sanding and one coat of varnish after everyone had gone home.

Andy managed to find some time to work on the gas and plumbing.  We now have the “T” connection and isolation valves for the oven and hotplate.

The two ¾” plastic pipes below the gas fittings are for the central heating.  The rear bulkhead is now starting to look rather busy.

We have hot and cold pipes on both sides of Waiouru.  There are also central heating supply and return pipes down both sides.

Tomorrow we make a start on the pantry.  It will be opposite the appliance cabinet and only 300mm wide.  The lower half (below the gunwale) will be “pull-out” whilst the area above will have adjustable shelving.  We’ve decided to do it this way to maximise the available space.

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