Monday, 23 April 2012

Worked around the Blogger “Bug”!

Ultimately all this computer code is down to + and – pulses of electricity.  So no Blogger “bug” is going to deter me from achieving my objective.  I have found a way around the problem of not being able to rename blogs in our Blog List.  If you are viewing our actual blog rather than using a Reader you will see the names have been altered.

The “work-around” involved the use of Google Reader.  The first step was to ensure I had subscribed in Reader to all the blogs on our Blog List.  The next step was to rename the blogs in Reader.  The third step was to go to our blog and delete all the names in the Blog List.  Finally, all the blogs were imported into the Blog List using the “Blogs I am following” option in the Blogger Template by ticking all the blog names to be imported. 


Note:  They had already been imported when the above screen dump was taken.

Google Reader then transferred them to our Blog List.   A point worth noting for those using Blogger is the program didn’t like me using the ampersand symbol (&) instead of “and”.  If the symbol is used then the name is displayed as text amp&text instead of text & test.  To rectify this I went back to Reader and replace all the “&” with “and” and re-imported the blogs.

If you are regularly reading our blog and have one of your own which isn’t on our Blog List; then please let me know (along with the hyperlink) and it will be included.  If your name is misspelt or missing then please let me know and I’ll amend the list.


Sue said...


You forgot me :(

Well done on sorting that out. To be honest I haven't added any new blogs to my blogroll recently, so maybe like you say it is a recent bug.

There are a lot of people complaining about Google keep changing Blogger, and the most annoying thing is that they never respond to anyone when they ask for help.


Tom and Jan said...

OMG ........

But Sue.....

I checked and your blog is in our Google Reader and renamed.
However, something is very strange because your blog is the ONLY ONE that Blogger refuses to import from Google Reader.

I've had to change your blog back to its original name so Blogger will recognise it.

I do apologise........

Best wishes


Sue / Boatwif said...

Hi Tom,
I think you might have missed us off too: we are Sue and Ken on nb Cleddau
When not cruising on Cleddau we are moored at Higher Poynton on the Macclesfield Canal.


Tom and Jan said...

Drat... more grovelling and snivelling.... I can see I'll get gravel rash on my belly by the time all this gets fixed :-)

Yes, you're right Sue! Another link that didn't transfer across. Now fixed and thanks for letting me know.


Ian said...

Hi Tom,

I'm no longer on your list - not to worry though, it's not a particularly good blog. :-)

You could try "&" instead of "&" in your blog titles. That usually works for me!


Tom and Jan said...

Hi Ian,

I can't leave your blog off..... I read it! Anyway, it's now fixed.

You're very perceptive as someone else on this boat has produced a second packet of custard creams.

Bruce in Sanity said...

Hi Tom

Thanks for including the LiSA blog, but you may have noticed that "Building Sanity Again" isn't there any more; I took it down after I published the ebook.

All the best


Bruce in Sanity said...

and another thing – if Sheila catches you bending, you'll have more than gravel rash! She says "The bloke's lived in Australia, he ought to know how to spell Sheila!".



Tom and Jan said...

Struth Bruce,

I'm beginning to think working around the blogger "bug" was the easy bit. Please inform Sheila that I was already married by the time we reached Oz and therefore didn't get to meet many sheila's :-)

But I'll take my whipping standing like a man !