Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Wind Vane

This interesting wind vane can be found on the roof of “Wharf House” beside the boatyard at Aldermaston Wharf.  My assumption is the building is the original wharf manager’s home.  Albeit extensively renovated and extended.

Just after lunch there was a call from the towpath.  We had a visitor!  Mark Zimmerman from Atlantis Marine had arrived with the light switches he had kindly modified for use on Waiouru

Back in 2010 (I can’t believe it’s that long ago!) I was searching the world for a suitable style momentary switch compatible with the Empirbus System we intended to purchase from Atlantis Marine.  Eventually I found Clipsal Australia had the style of switch we liked, however they were 230v AC.  After some testing we established they could be modified to work with 12v DC.  Mark kindly offered to do the modifications.  An offer we quickly accepted and I despatched them to Mark from Australia using DHL.  Mark then modified the switches and has been keeping them until they are required.  He was in the general area and called in to see us.  Delighted to finally met you Mark….. and thank you for the modifications.  No doubt we will see you again (open invitation!)

Mark poses beside Waiouru

Whilst Mark was visiting I seized the opportunity to ask a few more questions about the Empirbus System that Atlantis Marine will be supplying.  Mark confirmed there will be no requirement for a DC fuse board as the system is connected directly to the domestic battery bank via a main fuse and master isolation switch.

Jan also got her daily “dog fix” when we all went for a short walk with Misty; Mark’s bouncy and affectionate spaniel.

Later in the afternoon I wandered along to nb Cats Whiskers to see how Richard was getting on fitting the new front stable doors he and James have made.

Beautiful workmanship

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