Thursday, 26 April 2012

Wet Wet Wet…..

This would probably be the longest period of rain we’ve experienced since ‘jumping the ditch’ to Oz 19 years ago.  Actually it’s very similar to NZ weather!  The conditions make for interesting boat building in the open yard with Andy racing between the workshop and Waiouru.

The major task for the day was to wrestle with the white Anaconda and secure her against the side of the boat.

I hope Andy isn’t reading the installation instructions Smile

I was going to assist Andy, however by the time I waited for a gap in the rain he had everything in place.  His technique was to apply some heat to the tail which caused the end of the snake to wilt.  Once the tail was secure Andy was able to work his way to the head securing the torso along the wall.

In the above photo you may have noticed the hose rises to the entry point on top of the tank At the toilet end there will be a “swan’s neck” integral to the Sanimarine toilet system.  So the length of hose along the wall will be the lowest point in the waste system.  As such, it’s always going to be full of effluent.  Fingers crossed that there is no failure in the pipe or connectors!

If we had opted for a vacuum system the hose would be empty.  Well not totally empty, as there’d always be a coating of residue on the inside!  I was concerned the “remains” would start to dry on the inside surface of the waste hose.  Over time there might have been a gradual reduction in the diameter.  This was one of the reasons why we decided against a vacuum system.  The others being price and mechanism complexity!

The next step is the shower and plumbing for the waste discharge pipe.

Accordingly to Andy, the tray is a new “low profile” type which will increase the headroom in the shower cubicle. 

The plan is to have the engineering services in the cabin area installed by Monday in time for the joiners to start the partitions.


Robbo said...


I would really reconsider that flexible hose for the toilet effluent and not to use it. The main reason is it will degrade very quickly and start smelling musty especially if effluent is left in the hose. They are also meant to be replaced every 5 years. I'm not just talking about the cheap stuff, but also the expensive stuff. As you said it will be holding effluent in it it will be very noticeable smell within 6 months!

The best solution is too use Solvent Weld Waste Pipe.

Tom and Jan said...


I can see I'm going to need to do some research on this as I wasn't aware there might be a problem and I didn't specify the type of hose/pipe to be used.


Bottle said...

Hi, much the same comment as Robbo.
Our Jabsco macerater is connected via flexible (the type you have) to a solvent welded pipe run at gunnel level this runs under the gunnel to the black tank at the stern, the final drop is again in flexible.
The boat sits bow high, as do most narrowboats, so gives a fall to the tank.