Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Wall Lining is Complete

Bill (local blog reader) stopped and spoke to me today.  He just wanted to inform me the grammar in yesterday’s post was my worst effort to date.  After going back and reading it I have to agree. It’s well deserved criticism!  I was very tired after the long walk and wasn’t concentrating.  Moreover I got lazy; omitted to proof read the post, and just hit the publish button.   I can only hope FMIL (Favourite Mother-in-Law) is still with us as I’m somewhat surprised there wasn’t an email waiting for me this morning!  Smile

Back to the boat.  After today’s effort all the wall lining has been installed.  It was interesting to observe Richard’s technique.  Using plywood off-cuts he made templates for either side of the bow and stern bulkheads.

The templates were used to mark out the bulkhead section on the plywood sheets.  Final adjustments and scribing was completed with the actual piece. 

There are full height cupboards and wardrobes at the front and rear of the boat so none of these joins will be seen.  Despite this, Richard insisted on cutting (and re-cutting) the lining to make perfect joins.

I helped got in the way!

The lining has been completed on both bulkheads. However the camera battery went flat and consequentially there are no final photos.

The last task for the day was to prepare for the installation of the ceiling.  All the sheets of laminated plywood have been cut to length and sacked in the boat ready for tomorrow.  The final task was to mark the centreline of the ceiling on the edge of each plywood ceiling panel and then run a chalk line down the centre of the roof of the boat.  This will enable us to align the individual ceiling panels to the centreline of the boat.  The outer edges of the ceiling panels will be concealed by oak trim running down the length of the boat. 

The weather forecast for the remainder of the week is rain.  By cutting the sheets today it will limit the number of times we will need to carry the ceiling lining in the rain.  Well that’s the plan!

Once the ceiling is installed we will plug all the screw holes and then give the timber a light sanding before applying one coat of diluted polyurethane.  The latter will reduce the potential for scuffs and finger marks.

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