Saturday, 14 April 2012

Side Wall Lining Installed

Richard and I put in a BIG day today and managed to complete the lining to both side walls.  I continue to be impressed with his attention to detail.  Nearly right isn’t good enough; and Richard will re-do the task until he is completely satisfied with the accuracy.
The starboard (right) side was completed first.  Richard measured and levelled the individual sheets to ensure the lower horizontal edge of the upper sheets were exactly level.  It took some time, but paid off when doing the port side, as he could level those sheets from the line on the opposite side of the boat.
View to the stern
View to the bow
Prior to us commencing the fitting of the sheets Richard laid them out and sorted the wood grain patterns on the sheets so all adjacent sheets would match.  Just another example of his attention to detail.  We are also attempting to ensure as much of the wiring as possible will be accessible after the build has been completed.
Of course more of the spray foam had to be cut back……….. <grrrrrrr> Sad smile
The laminated plywood for the ceiling has arrived.  It’s not white; Jan thought that might be too sterile! It’s an off-white, almost cream colour with a satin finish.   The plan is to start installing the ceiling on Monday.  It probably means even more spray foam will need to be cut back.  But the end of the spray foam is in sight!
Lunchtime yesterday I telephoned Energistar and ordered the domestic battery bank.  Whilst having a break at noon today a Barden van arrived and delivered the batteries.  That’s fast service!
We had originally purchased six batteries but; like all the other equipment we purchased; they were never returned by Ben Harp Narrowboats.  To save some money we’ve reduced the size of the domestic battery bank.  These are deep traction and rated at 450Ah so the bank capacity will be 900Ah.  Actually they are damned heavy and I can’t see me being the person installing them on the swim in the engine compartment.

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